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Paul Jessop

All of Paul’s tankards are hand-thrown on the potter’s wheel using smooth red clay which is mixed with local clay he digs from the neighbouring village.

Once the pots are thrown, they are left for a few days until they become, what is known as leather hard, at this point handles are pulled and left to stiffen up while the pots are turned on an old kick wheel.

The handles are then applied and the pots are left overnight to dry the handles. The pots are then dipped in wet slip (a liquid clay) and the Burrow Hill design is drawn into the slip while it is still wet.

The pots are then left to dry for around 7 - 10 days and then biscuit fired in the electric kiln to 885° C. This process takes 36 hours in total.

Once biscuit fired the pots are then glazed using Paul’s own recipes and then re-fired to a higher temperature of 1095° C.

Each pot has Paul’s impressed mark to the base.